Tembo CPAs Brand Identity

Tembo CPAs is an accounting firm based in Florida and heavily inspired by Tanzanian culture and symbolism. They absolutely wanted an elephant to represent their firm, as a symbol of strength, wisdom and longevity. I began with sketches in my notebook and went through several iterations in order to eventually come up with their favourite concept. From […]

Simply Keto Erythritol Labels

Simply Keto is a unique shop and café in Berlin, Germany, that caters to clientelle following a Ketogenic (LCHF) diet. They offer a wide variety of home made baked goods, kitchen ingredients, condiments, and other specialties related to Keto. When Simply Keto decided to launch a new line of kitchen ingredients, naturally the first item […]

“What does G4A mean to you” Twitter campaign

In preparation for opening their 2018 application period, I helped design, animate and edit this series of Bayer G4A “What does G4A mean to you” clips for twitter. Using updated logos and branding identity from Bayer, I constructed short clips in Adobe After effects and then edited them in Adobe Premier. “Bayer G4A is a global […]

Bayer Grants4Apps City Skylines

From mid 2016 to the end of 2017, I created nearly 600 original skylines for a massive outreach campaign by Bayer’s G4A on twitter and other social media. My assignment was at first to create skylines for cities with the most Bayer employees, but it then evolved into creating a unique image for “every city […]

Louie Louie Branding and Print

Louie Louie is a second hand vintage clothing boutique in Berlin, Germany, specializing in 1980’s fashion. For this project I designed a brand identity, logo, flyers and business cards. Sandra, Louie Louie’s owner, was heavily inspired by 1980’s neon lighting, and wanted a word mark that evoked this, as well as design that borrows elements from […]

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