Simply Keto Erythritol Labels

Simply Keto Erythritol Packaging

Simply Keto is a unique shop and café in Berlin, Germany, that caters to clientele following a Ketogenic (LCHF) diet. They offer a wide variety of home made baked goods, kitchen ingredients, condiments, and other specialties related to Keto. 

When Simply Keto decided to launch a new line of kitchen ingredients, naturally the first item was going to be most Keto dieter’s sweetener of choice: Erythritol. 

In approaching this project, I also sought to bring out a more polished look compared to Simply Keto’s past lines. Not only did I slightly rework their logo, but I also updated their icons, typography, and use of photography. 

This packaging/labeling project began with a short case study of competitors’ erythritol packaging, as well as the packaging of other health oriented brands. We then constructed a very basic wireframe of the layout, without any details or final copy. This was to ensure that the layout had balance purely on it’s own. Only when we were satisfied with this wireframe, did we use it as a template. Of course, the final layout did end up changing due to fine tuning towards the end of the project, but only in order to communicate more vital information like the “Free Recipe” tag on the front. 

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