Simply Keto Granola (Müsli) re-design

Redesign of Simply Keto’s Granola line

Shortly after joining the Simply Keto team full time in November 2020, I was tasked with starting, organizing and implementing a complete overhaul of the company’s packaging design, based on the look of their newly launched Keto Chocolate Tablets (here). The goal of the redesign was to refine the branding and maximize the “shelf appeal” of the products.

For each of the flavours I (with the help of my colleagues in the Content department) arranged and photographed the granolas, then edited and retouched the photos. From there I sourced the background illustrations and put together the final packaging design concept. Part of increasing the shelf appeal was to begin using color as a signifier of flavour, so that shoppers could easily differentiate between them quickly.

As this was a large project, the designs went through several rounds of legal approval and copy changes before being sent to print. For example, it was legally deemed that the product could not be called “Müsli” as it is grain-free, but instead had to be called Granola.

Before and after